Would YOU swim in Onondaga Lake?

Anybody that has been around long enough knows just how dirty our little lake used to be. Everyone who was around during the time there was still dumping going on knows that the clean up was a tall order, and producing a beach on its shores is even taller. 

A beach on Onondaga lake... you mean swimming in it? I remember having nightmares about accidentally falling into that lake and coming out with an extra finger or two. There's a stigma attached to polluted lakes because we have been taught for years about just how badly that lake was affected by the industrial revolution. Now the county is paying an independent group to survey the public asking where people fall in the debate over creating a beach on the shores of Onondaga Lake. 

Swimming in the lake has been banned since 1940, following the closure of beaches on the shores of the lake caused by the rampant pollution and unsafe conditions. Studies show that nearly three decades of lake clean up efforts has left the northern shore of Onondaga lake clean enough for a beach, but it's being left up to the public to decide. Are you in favor of another beach? 

Take the official survey here!

Tom & Becky

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