One British man is apparently a little too good at decorating his house for Halloween. 

According to "The Daily Telegraph," police in Stevenage, England have asked James Creighton to tone down his display because it was upsetting at least one of the children in the neighborhood.  Creighton filled his front yard with cobwebs, skeletons, and bloodied corpses as part of a creation he dubbed "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." 

He admits it is a bit gruesome and gory, but argues that that's what Halloween is all about.  Creighton also points out that it's for a good cause. 

He's been transforming his yard every year to raise money for Cancer Research U.K. in honor of his grandmother, who died from the disease in 2009.  Creighton says he has no plans to change his yard this year since the police only advised rather than ordered him to make adjustments.