At the moment his murder trial was supposed to have started, a Waterloo man has entered a surprise plea today.

In Seneca County Court, Karl Karlsen stood before a judge Wednesday afternoon and pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder charges.

Karlsen admitted that he murdered his son Levi five years ago to collect on a life insurance policy. Levi Karslen was working on a truck in his driveway that day when the jack holding up the truck collapsed and he was crushed to death.

The death was initially ruled an accident until two years ago when investigators took a look at a life insurance policy taken out days before his death by his son. Karl Karlsen was the beneficiary.

His trial was supposed to have begun today and a jury had already been seated in the case before today's plea.

Investigators are also looking into the death of his his ex-wife more than 20 years ago. The death of his wife at the time was ruled an accident after she died in a house fire while living in California.