New accusations today of legal misconduct in the Heidi Allen case.

A federal attorney for convicted kidnapper Gary Thibodeau has filed paperwork in a state court asking a judge to vacate his conviction years ago and free him from prison.

Attorney Lisa Peebles say prosecutors violated what's known as the Brady Law years ago. Pebbles contends that investigators at the time interviewed three other suspects in the Heidi Allen kidnapping and never informed Thibodeau's defense team of those interviews and other possible suspects.

The paperwork also claim that Heidi Allen was a confidential drug informant for the police and one officer may have blown her cover shortly before she was kidnapped in April of 1994. Her body has never been found.

Peebles also contends that when Thibodeau took a lie detector test back then, the technician said there were no signs of deception on his part.

There's been a renewed focus on the case this week in the Town of Mexico. Investigators have been on the scene for three days after new information surfaced that Allen's remains may be buried there, but those investigators have given no indication as to whether they've found human remains at the site.