Syracuse Police are on the hunt for a burglary suspect who has escaped their custody and has even stolen a police car.

33 year old Daniel Kantak was arrested this morning for a burglary in Liverpool. The officer escorted the suspect to their patrol car in handcuffs and placed him in the back seat. Police say at that point, Kantak was able to slip out of his cuffs and climb into the front seat and drive away in the patrol car.

Kantak led police on a brief chase with the car but they lost him. The patrol car was then found crashed on Court Street near Assumption Church and caused a power outage in the area.

The suspect escaped the crash and fled on foot. An extensive search has taken place overnight in the Eastwood neighborhood, but police have been unable to locate Kantak. He's now wanted for Escape, Burglary, and Grand Larceny Charges.

They say Kantak may be injured from the accident and anyone who may know of his whereabouts is being asked to contact Syracuse Police at 442-5222.

Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler will conduct an internal investigation of the incident to determine is propoer rules and regulations were followed by the officers.