Happy Labor Day this weekend!

While it may seem a vacation is all many working women want this Labor Day, but few are REALLY getting away. And their friends and families are noticing.

A survey conducted by WorkPlace Impact (WPI), the nation’s leading marketing company that targets consumers directly at work, found that 62 percent of working women say checking their work emails and work calls on vacation frustrates their loved ones.

According to their “State of Unplugging” survey, WPI found that 79 percent of respondents refuse to check work emails and phone messages on vacation. Slightly more than half (57 percent) said checking messages on vacation has no impact on their stress level during the time they are away from the office.

Interestingly, 60 percent of the working women surveyed said they would seek out a vacation destination where they would be forced to disconnect from work.

“Working women want to leave their work at work when they go on vacation,” said Tim P. McCarthy, Chairman of WorkPlace Impact. “Working on vacation distracts you from your loved ones and your experiences. Unplugging helps you focus on what matters and return to the office refreshed.”

“Disregarding work while on vacation may be a sort of 21st-century etiquette tip,” he added.

The survey was conducted online among a national sample of 908 working women.