Aw....the good old ball park.  It brings back memories...   I remember when I was young going to the ballpark to see the Syracuse Chiefs play.  Unlike the past few years, sometimes the games would be totally sold out.  I remember that once they actually added seats on the field to watch the Yankees play.  It was awesome!  I don't know how I did it, but we sat right on the field in the third row.  It was incredible.  The beer man would come along and shout "Ice Cold Beer here" in his loudest voice.  It was the whole experience of the ball park.  Big hot dogs and the seventh inning stretch.  I remember just being a real fan.  Times have changed and life gets so busy, that I have not been able to stay long enough for a seventh inning stretch, but I vow to do so this year.  I will bring along my umbrella, because I actually used to wait through the rain for the game to resume. Whatever happened to my inner baseball fan self.  I used to know all the players names!  Take me out to the ball park...take me out to the me some peanuts and cracker jacks.....I don't care if I ever get back! Good luck to the Syracuse Chiefs, whose home opener is this afternoon.  Good luck to the new Manager Mr. Smorel!  Go Chiefs! - Becky