Another life lesson I learned when I took Tucker out for college orientation that was he loved a girl for the first time.  He kept calling and she kept calling and texting throughout our trip.  It was that first time that I heard him tell his girl he loved her as they hung up the phone that blew my mind.  I never thought or dreamed it would happened.  He was my baby.  He loves another woman.  I bit my lip and kept quite not saying a thing.  Then I thought to say, I always tell my guy I love him before we hang up too.  I didn't was a real moment between us.  This life lesson is that your child will find love other than will hurt, but it will also bring a sense a joy that your child is normal.  I doubt this lovely young lady will be his last never know.  Your child has learned many life lessons that you have not been a part of.  That is o.k.   You are o.k. and they are o.k.  - Becky