I am dreaming of summer food.  Margaritas, Glaziers Hot dogs, potato salad....and lots more.  I am dreaming of lazy days lying on the dock at camp, trying to decide in my mind about what to have for lunch.  I am thinking about taking off in the boat and going to the beach and wading and playing in the sand.  I want to see fireworks and take a cruise around the lake and look at the camps.  I want to sit by a campfire and contemplate my life and party with my family and hold them close.  I missed last summer, due to cancer.  I feel like I have been set free and everything means so much more to me now.  I want to pick water lillies and listen to the loons with thier mating calls.  It is so quite at camp.  I want to hear myself breathe and be happy. I cherish so much more in life now.  I am thankful for each day that I am alive - Becky