Saturday night I am being honored by the Carol Baldwin Foundation for my work with them.  I am honored yet sad.  It is hard to be joyous when you have cancer.  I am trying and I do appreciate the honor, it is just hard.  I hope I don't cry.  I am cancer free right now, but it has been a terrible year for me.  My co-host says we will dance and have fun and he is right.  Toby Kieth gave me a guitar to do with what I wanted.  I in turn, auctioned it off and made some money for the foundation.  I guess they really appreciated it.  I did it to help out.  There has to be a cure in the works for cancer.  We have to keep fighting.  It is not just about me, but it is for everybody.   So keep fighting on.  Thank you to the Baldwin family. - Becky