I usually have at least one bat encounter a year...but I've found the best way to get rid of them.
The Onondaga County Health Department say one bat captured in the city of Syracuse has tested positive for rabies and it is the first positive rabies finding of the season.
Now, from my personal experience...I live in Erieville, in an old country home, so I know what I am talking about.  In fact, I usually have at least one bat encounter a year.   They do scare me, but they have never flown into me.  I turn all the lights on in the house and leave the door open.  They will find the door and go out.  They are just as nervous as we are.  They don't attack unless, under attack and first they will try to leave the area.  I hate bats!!!  
You can also build a small bat house in your yard (see an instruction video I found below). Build one and the bats will probably move into it.  I actually had someone out for a quote to get rid of the bats and it was $3,000.  I think I will leave them alone and help me keep the bug population down.  Now only if mice did the same thing.  - Becky