It's's cancer treatment is done.  My radiation finished up yesterday, two days early due to the awful burn on my chest.  It is over, finally.  This whole cancer mess, started the last week of June last year. It has been one continuous nightmare for me.  I endured four week-long hospitalizations,  a double masectomy, infections, infusions, chemotherapy and six long weeks of radiation.  I also have had physical therapy and mental health therapy.  Pretty much I feel like I have lost almost a year of my life.  But it is over and I am celebrating.  I was brought to tears yesterday when they told me I was finished.  I was shaking uncontrollably.  I ran up and down the halls yelling that I was finished.  Total strangers applauded.  I called my mother and we cried together.  I cried with my Doctor and radiation team. 

I want to thank the fine folks at Hemotology Oncology Associates at Brittonfield.  Doctors, nurses, radiation folks, secretarys, counselors and friends...that is what they are to me.  Such loving, caring individuals that know me inside and out.  There are no words to tell you thank you for saving my life.  I mean it.  I am sure I would be dead by now and instead I am very much alive and I am very much changed.  It is for the better as I have a gained a new insight to life about just how precious it is. 

I want to thank my company Clearchannel and my B104.7 boss Rich Lauber.  What a support you have been to me throughout this long process.  You are like family to me and you sure did prove it this past year.

I won't be writing much about my journey now that treatment is completed, not unless something moves me to.  I hope that I have motivated just one person to get a mammogram or to make that appointment with your Doctor to checked for your health.  It saved my life and I am forever grateful.  I want to live.  I want to live.  Thank you all for your support.