My Dad had M.S.  Even though I doubt it meant much to him, I started collecting for M.S. when I was a young girl.  Multiple Sclerosis.  You hear about it actually quite a bit.  I remember my father being diagnosed when he hit the age of 50.  It desvastated us as a family...for a very short time.  My father was the type of man to not let things get him down and that is what he did.  He stopped grieving for the loss of physical activity and just moved ahead.  I never heard him complain once about having the disease, even when it really took it's toll in his later years. 

When Dad was first diagnosed, I decided to fundraise to help raise money for M.S. research.  My Dad was like, "Whatever you want to do".  He really didn't pay any mind to it.  But it was something I could do.  It was something that helped me to accept his disease. 

My Dad is gone, but his spirit lives on.  With my health issues, I have decided to not let it run my life.  I am picking up my bootstraps and moving on. 

Please join me this Sunday at Longbranch Park for the M.S. Walk with registration at nine at Longbranch Park.  I hope to see you there.  Dad, this one is for you!  Love, Becky