Wow...I took my son Tucker for his college orientation last week.  It was so emotional for me.  I felt like it was the last bonding time for us to be totally alone and together.  It took us over ten hours each way to the school he has chosen to go to.  The time we had made me realize what I had taught him and what maybe I should have stressed more.  I noticed how he really has not acquired the sense of the almighty dollar as well as I would have liked.  When we were looking for a hotel, he was all ready to agree to one that cost almost $200 a night, until I chose for us a more frugal room and it was very nice.  He learned not to go for the pricey stuff, but to do some comparison shopping.   I thought he knew that, but I was wrong.  More college life lessons to come.  Always price shop! - Becky