So I read this big fat book all the way to Maine.  The big book of CANCER!!!!!   Oh man, now I am starting to think that I shouldn’t have taken the trip and here I was, light years away from reality.  I thought about my possible diagnosis of cancer.  I thought about the end of my life. I thought about getting my affairs in order when I got back from the trip, believe it or not.  I also challenged myself to try and have a good time.  I had a good time…but I knew I was forever changed.  I now was someone who entered the ranks of being a person who was diagnosed with cancer.  How did that happen???  I felt like everyone who looked at me could see a lump growing through my shirt.  I started to hope for end to the vacation, because I needed some answers.  How long can a person not know if they have a life changing disease?  What the heck.  It seems like a year since they told me I needed a biopsy.