One last life lesson that I learned when Tucker and I went out for college orientation is that he's still just a kid in many ways and he will always, always be my kid.  Sure enough, when we got to the college he did not have a nice pair of shorts and shirt to wear.  This was even after I had chided him he would want to make a good impression at the new school.  Sure enough the evening before orientation, aren't we in a strange city lookong at strange stores for his size of clothing.  In many ways it was reassuring to know he still needed me and also very disturbing to know he did not know how to take care of himself in a situation like that..he was still a little bit scattered.  The college also told us that they don't have a resident authority in the dorms.  What?  Who is going to make sure he doesn't wear the same dirty pants for 15 days in a row.  This life lesson is, you are on your own my lovely child.  Somebody isn't going to tell you if you need to clean up.  You should know that by now and I believe you do.  When you come home at the holidays, bring your dirty laundry.  I will help you out.  I love you and good luck son! - Mom (Becky)