Ice Cream in Syracuse! Our Top 5 Best Ice Cream Stops In CNY

It's officially in summer and we couldn't be more excited! Time to break out all those favorite summertime activities and go out to your favorite spots around Syracuse and Upstate New York. Whether it's hiking in the Adirondacks, Swimming in one of our hundreds of lakes, or experiencing the downtown life, there's no doubt that this town lives for summer, and all central New Yorkers  know not to waste any time! 

For us, our favorite summer activity is eating Ice Cream! And luckily there are a TON of great places around the area to get some of the best ice cream you're ever going to have! We limited our search to find out Top 5 favorite Ice Cream spots for Syracuse New York, have you been to all of them?

Carol's Polar Parlor

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A Syracuse staple for over 60 years, Carol's Polar Parlor is definitely not something you want to pass up. On a yelp review Stephanie C. wrote: "Carols polar parlor has so many different flavors of ice cream and cones. The possibilities are endless. I got the turtle sundae. It has vanilla ice cream with hot fudge camel walnuts and whip cream and of course a cherry. It was so decadent!! The gentleman at the counter was very fast and friendly. The prices are average. Although I feel like for the price the did give a small sundae. I also feel their portions are also smaller than at Pete's polar parlor. I would go back though because the ice cream was delicious!!" 

NYS Fair Is Giving Away LIFETIME Passes!! - Thumbnail Image

NYS Fair Is Giving Away LIFETIME Passes!!

Big Dip

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Known for having some amazing season flavors like the Pumpkin Soft Serve in the Fall, Big Dip knows how to give the people what they want! Rachel P. from Yelp says: "PEANUT. BUTTER. SOFT. SERVE.All other Syracuse-area ice cream establishments have paled in comparison since this discovery. I can't even bring myself to try anything else on the menu because it is SO FREAKING GOOD.Big Dip, I love you."

Sno Top

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Sno Top has long been the go-to ice cream place for all of Fayetteville and Manlius. Opening in 1957 this summer hot spot has been FM's top ice cream provider for over 60 years! Aubrey K. reviews Sno Top on Yelp saying: "SO GOOD. My new go-to local ice cream place. Can't believe how long the lines are even late at night in the middle of the week - but it's definitely worth the short wait! Their blizzards are to die for..."

This Burger In Syracuse Was Voted BEST In New York! - Thumbnail Image

This Burger In Syracuse Was Voted BEST In New York!

The Ice Cream Stand

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Opening only in 2016, the Ice Cream Stand is anything but boring. They've modernized Ice Cream by adding interesting toppings, flavors, bringing in musicans to play at their store, and even VEGAN flavors! Steph G. on Yelp says: "vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles. cup or cone. that's all you need to know. i lied... there's more...-recess coffee (my favorite local brew in this neck of the woods)-local musicians performing every sunday 1-3pm -owned by a passionate, hard working, brilliant gal who is on a mission to satisfy our belliesstay tuned for the opening of the second shop by clinton square.. can't wait!"

Nice Weather Continues - Thumbnail Image

Nice Weather Continues

Gannon's Ice Cream

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Last be certainly not least is Gannon's Ice Cream. Great quality, amazing service, plenty of flavors. Gannon's is straight-forward but they do everything perfectly. Chances are if you ask a local where the best ice cream in Syracuse is, they'll say Gannon's. Michelle W. reviews Gannon's on Yelp: "...Gannon's is DEFINITELY the best ice cream in Syracuse. The price for the amount of ice cream you get is so worth it - I got two scoops and could barely finish it - it was absolutely delicious..."

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Want Craft Beverages? New York's The Place To Be!

That's our Top 5! Did we miss your favorite Ice Cream place in Syracuse? Let us know on our Facebook page! Now get out there and eat some Ice Cream!

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